MAJOLICA 200gm – Plunger




All Raku blends were originally developed after micro roasting and taste testing a range of high quality beans with super experienced coffee aficionados. Majolica is a unique, quality blend of Mexican, Guatamalan and East African beans. This infusion creates a sweet coffee that is smooth to the palate and great any time of day.

Bio Packaging

The packaging has been crafted with care so our beans reach you in top notch condition. You can toss the packing into your bin carefree because it decomposes quickly and naturally.

Sustainable Beans

While it’s currently a bit of trend – and rightly so – sustainability has always been a natural way of life for most New Zealanders. Growing up in typical kiwi fashion back in the day when you went diving for crays, caught fresh fish from your own dingy, wiggled your toes in the sand for pipis, and picked lettuces from your own vege garden daily, food was super fresh and packaging free.

Organic wasn’t even a word associated with chemical free food. Food just happened.

Our Reveal beans still just happen. They’re nurtured by nature without chemicals and kissed by the rain and the sun naturally.